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I searched the forums and found nothing, but if you know if one to link me to, awesome! 

Anyway, we recently set up our netduma and it's been great so far! But I can't get utorrent to do more than connecting to peers since we changed our modem. 

version 1.3.06

our router is a TP link

I have tried several options on google, but nothing has worked so far. Someone had suggested port forwarding, but I don't want to mess with settings I don't understand. 

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That's what I was asking about. I'm not sure how to do that. My tech savvy ends there.


Give your device a static IP by going to DHCP lease and reserving for that device and type a number between 100-250. 


Then go to port forwarding and put the IP of the device you just made static. Put in the port numbers utorrent says they're using and choose TCP as the protocol.

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