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Poor Connections


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Modem/Router         - Motorola SURFboard 6580 (wireless disabled)

Decent gaming PC    - WIRED

PS4                        - WIRED

Xbox One                - WIRED

5+ other wireless devices



Modem -------WIRED------- Netduma ------- wireless ------ phones/laptops etc.




                                  WIRED---Xbox One





  • Poor connections over WIRED and Wifi Connections (about 14Mbps with Netduma) (60+ with my old router) (same setup)
  • WiFi and WIRED connections would be lost completely and unable to connect to the internet at all (still connected to Netduma) Mbps would drop to about 1Mbps or lower..
  • Unstable connections: kicked from online gaming: CoD Advanced Warfare - Kicked from chat parties 
  • After turning off and turning back on both Modem and Netduma the connection would be decent for awhile until going back into a poor performance and having to turn off then back on again



What am I doing wrong is the question..


*Removed email from public space*

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Hi There first off have you updated your router to the latest version as must of what you're describing sounds like you are still on 0.2?  Details to do this can be found here http://forum.netduma.com/topic/742-7-beta/



Secondly if you go into settings> misc  and untick deep packet processing, you dont need this on for console gaming and it is only designed for pc gaming atm  that will put your bandwidth back up

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Thank you for the speedy reply you guys are on top of this. I'll take a peak at this and see what happens. I'll reply to this post if I have any other further issues


Thanks guys


No problem at all, if you need any more assistance let us know in this thread .

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