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Extremely Long Loading Times - GTA5


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Been using my R1 mostly for Advanced Warfare on my Xbox 360 and it has made a world of difference but lately I have been playing GTA5 on my Xbox One so I turn off my Geo-Filter thinking I would not need it for that type of game but I'm experiencing very long loading times when coming out of jobs while my friends have all loaded in.

Could this possibly something in the R1 causing this?

I only have 1 HDMI cable going thru my wall to my TV so I have to switch it between my 360 and One so I have been switching the settings in Host Filtering page from 360 to One and to Xbox Live PA even though I have the geo disabled just in case that was causing the problems but I'm still getting extremely long loading times.

Also when I first start up my One I end up with a Strict NAT so I have to clear my Alternate Mac Address and reboot the One to get it to open.

Any Ideas? I'm pretty sure it's not my internet connection as my test results are usually always Exceptional. I have 105 Down and 12 up.

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  • Netduma Staff

I doubt it is the R1 as you said the GeoFilter is off.


I don't have GTA, but I've heard friends in parts complain often about the game taking a while to load up.


Don't think its anything you can fix, so don't worry about it :) Just a quick question though, was it slow before you got the R1? Maybe try plugging your console into your old router and see if it takes a while to load up. That would determine whether it is the R1 or not.

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