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Found 16 results

  1. has anyone else had any issue with geo filters on Destiny 2 for console? please let me know
  2. Constantly having issues with Geo Filter not loading. Everyday it will always say "This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute" Everything else on the R2 works just fine. Only way I get past this issue is to reboot the router. Sadly that ends up being anywhere from 1-3 times a day since i've owned in the last week. Any ideas as to why its happening and what to do to remedy the situation?
  3. Hi all, I seem to have issues with the geofilter on my XR500. I live in Germany. When I bought the XR500 I set my radius on around 450 KM around me to connect to the 2 closest Modern Warfare servers (taken from the dumaOS Modern Warfare Servers). At the beginning, it worked perfectly. It took a little bit longer to find a game, but when I did the connection was amazing! Now, since some days, I find games extremely quick and play against people from spain for example, who clearly had a connection advantage (so I guess the server was closer to them, outside of my radius) So I did a test: I shrunk the circle to the minimum (100KM), in this radius there are only villages around my city, and non of the servers are in the radius. According to the radius, I shouldn't find any games. But then I searched for a game and found one immediately, playing against spanish and french people (I live in east germany). Does anyone know why it suddenly stopped to filter? Hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance!
  4. DumaOS geofiltering not working correctly; it is not detecting me, any friends, random other players in game, or servers. so filtering ( the main reason that i purchased this router) is not functioning properly. have set it up with the in app guides and watched an hour long tutorial on it; still to no avail.
  5. Hi, im from germay and want only play in kuwait etc. My player ist pinging there but i cant find lobbys. please help
  6. My geo-filter doesnt work all of a sudden on my XR700. Tried deleting the device turning PS4 off/on re-adding PS4 still it doesnt work see no icons on geo-filter nothing, did flush cloud several times as well still not working.
  7. So far I remember, I'm always connected to the dedicated servers in Poland. Is there no servers closer to the UK or within the UK? Even when I set Ping Assist to 0, i'm still getting connected outside of my geo-filter. The Ping-Heatmap also displays there is a server available in the UK with less than 20ms ping, yet I'm always connected to server in Poland which has around 70ms ping. Also, I always have a playe icon sitting right off the cost Ghana. I'm not sure if its just a mis-located servers and players or the geo-filter itself is not filtering out properly even with the 'Strict Mode' On. I've attached screenshot for the reference.
  8. I have a specific Geo-Filter boundary that works well for me in public games, but I see no way to ban individual players with bad connections. I read in another thread that in COD you can't do that in public games. How should the Geo-Filter function when in a COD MW Custom Game and I am hosting? Should I be able to see which player is impacting the connection and ban them? I thought I read that the netduma R2 could identify players that slow down the connection and I can then ban them when I am hosting a custom game? Am I understanding correctly that this is possible on console? I use a PS4. Currently in custom games, I can see only SOME of the players locations on the geo-filter map. I don't see any info on them though such as ping.
  9. RPC ‘ERROR_NOENT’: Rule not found in chain This happens when I delete GEO FILTER or WHEN I CHANGE MY QOS SLIDERS AND BANDWITH ALLOCATION. Any Fixes ?? I did reboot router and factory reset & still the same error
  10. El dia de hoy me presento este mensaje de error,
  11. I just bought this router mainly for the geo-filter functionality in Overwatch. For NA servers no matter east or west coast, the server always shows that it is located in California. I can get an east coast server and the geo-filter will say its located in California. Can I please get some help with this issue?
  12. hey all, recetntly, my geo filter didnt work. It didnt show any servers or players on my map. After i rebooted it, it was fixed. It worked regularly. However now, when I play with friends, i get extreme lag spikes all of the sudden (my friends live inside of the geofilter radius) here how my gaming experience looks like: Alone I have no issues: but with my friends its unplayable... how can I fix that? also question on the map: why do i get connected to a server in ireland when that is clearly not inside the radius...? When I click on the tab down right it takes forever to load 😕 and when I try to flush the cloud it says "this action takes longer than usual". But my ISP says there is nothing from with my connection, and theyre right, on my phone etc. there are no issues Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey! Could have sworn I'd posted about this before but can't seem to see any history of it. I excitedly got my hands on an R1, and proceeded to reset it and put DumaOS on it (Firmware version, DumaOS 1.3.29). It's really, really not behaved in any why like I'd expect it to. In our house we've a cable modem, and connected directly to that is the R1, with both being located in the flat downstairs. There's a Cat6 cable running from downstairs up and into a Netgear X4S/R7800, which the computers and consoles upstairs in our flat are connected to. I can't see my PC's name nor MAC address in the Device Manager table/tree The R7800 upstairs here is on its own branch of the Network Map All the devices upstairs that are connected to the R8000 are connected to what shows as an 'Offline' device in the Network Map At some point my PC was showing, and I tried adding it as a console to the devices in the Geo-Filter in an effort to use the functionality in Street Fighter V. Never saw a single ping, never any icons on the map, ever. My device isn't there any more, either. I was super excited to get this router, but in its current state it's done literally nothing for me other than put me out of pocket. I'd love to change that.
  14. Good Evening Last week i was not having any issues with the Geo-filter, But the last few days i get into a game with ease but nothing shows in the Geo-filter, which server/ peer im connected to, nothing. Nothing has changed from last week to now.
  15. My apologies if this has already been discussed immensely, but I’m currently having issues with the Geo-Filter with fortnite. If I set the radius to 800 Miles, I’ll search a game and it’ll act as if it’s loading in. However, when I check my Geo-Filter I clearly see that the host is well out of my range just to sit there in a loading screen to be told, “you can’t connext to the host.” Based on what I saw before purchasing this router, i watched a video showing someone utilizing the Geo filter and it having multiple host within the range that he could connect to (which he did), and a bunch outside of the range with a triangle indicating that you can’t connect. So far this filter hasn’t worked at all with fortnite, and that’s the main game I play at the moment. Anyone else having these issues?
  16. Hello everyone. I've heard great things about this forum's community, glad to finally be apart of it. I just received my router 2 days ago. I only play Destiny on X1 and have a question I haven't been able to find on here or in videos. I got the jist of the geo filtering tool, but my question is how do I know who the "red bar" players are inside the geo fence during a game? Is there a way to know this info? And I've heard on videos that "the bigger circle is typically your host", but in my geo fence every circle is big (same size), so how can I tell who is actually hosting the game? I do load the Destiny profile, if that matters at all. Sorry if these are noob questions, just want to use this Netduma the best I can. Thanks the help!
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