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Higher ping than usual?

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So whenever I did a speedtest on the speedtest.com website, I usually got around a 4 ms consistently and around a 12-14 ms in the Netduma internet diagnosis.


Every since I put my second router in pppoe a couple days ago, my ping has drastically gone up to 16 ms on the speedtest website, and up to 30 ms in the netduma internet diagnosis.


Now I just unplugged my second router, factory reset everything including my modem which was and still is bridged, and I still get a 16 ms ping. Is there any way to get it back to what I used to get or is it a permanent damage?


The setup that caused this problem was my modem in bridge mode, then the netduma on lan 1 using pppoe, and my second router which is an Asus, on lan 2 using pppoe as well. 


Now I got rid of my second router and it's just the netduma and my bridged modem and the problem still persists.


Anyone has a solution to this?

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In the UK we have interleaving profiles for lines with errors on ECI cabinets that do not run G.inp (error correction on the fly) as yet but there is news that there is a roll out starting soon,


After a series of errors the DLM (dynamic line management) will enforce interleaving to the line which add's latency permanently with error correction.


If you line shows no errors for a certain amount of time up to 9 days on fibre the interleaving will drop back to fast path to retest to see if it is stable.


I suggest not turning off your modem or ISP modem/router combo as this can be seen as an error to DLM.

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