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Multiple Console Test Run in the future?

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I noticed where you did an info gathering with several users playing BO3 and recorded the results.. If you ever want to do a study with people using multiple consoles at the same time to show the do's and don'ts for running more than one console at a time I'm sure there are enough of us to help out .

If both consoles are enabled and the people are not in a party yet both playing BO3 who is the geo filter showing for? Whose Ping is showing ? If they are playing different games And both enabled again is one person being hindered or are both players good to go. When playing in the same lobby are there any true differences between having both enabled or just the party leader ?

I know for Xbox 1 with 2 people on one will be open and the other moderate on the cod servers yet there is no difference in gameplay , the Xbox servers are always both open.

Just a thought I wanted to throw out there.

Either way have yourselves a good one .

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No need to do a study as I can answer your questions now:

  • Each device has it's own colour as showing in select device/service so you would be able to tell which device has which host
  • The ping will show for the device it first detects has a game, it may switch over to the next one if you have auto ping enabled.
  • If you're both in the same home it will restrict to the same settings you have so neither will be hindered.
  • No difference having both enabled but would just have it enabled for the person who is hosting.
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