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Help PC Noob/Streaming ?'s


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Hey duma army I just got an Alienware Area 51 with a GTX 970 and a Elgato HD Pro.


I've been out of the PC game for a long time.


What are the best settings for my graphics card for gaming and streaming.


Also can someone walk me through all the settings they use on the Elgato HD Pro to get the best twitch streams.

I only have 4 up and I do plan to stream online games.


How do you see Twitch Chat? Do you Pop out or whats the deal with that?


I know some ? are vague, lots of new stuff in I'm not sure of.


Thanks in advance

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Twitch wants unpartnered streamers to stream at 720p @ 30fps, 2.5MB upload (25000Kbps).


If you want to do 60fps, drop the resolution down to 950 x 540, and use 2.5MB upload.


The Elgato HD Pro is pretty much plung-and-play.


You can mess around with the color correction in the Elgato software, but you really don't need to, IMO.


To see Twitch chat, you will have a browser open on one monitor (window) and should be in your channel dashboard. You can pop out the chat into a separate window and then increase the font size so it's easy to read while gaming.


I highly recommend using either OBS (free), or XSplit (paid) broadcasting software. This allows you to have overlays and other neat visual things (Follower alerts) on screen to help keep your audience engaged.


I'm going to be getting back into streaming after a long absence, but I am switching to PC games because you can also use the Elgato HD Pro to stream anything with a HDMI output. So, I will be using my gaming laptop hooked into my gaming desktop PC via HDMI in a dual PC stream configuration to split the work load between the two. 


The biggest piece of advice I can give... and why I have been absent from streaming... Is find a group of like-minded streamers who play the same games as you. Try and form a group that plays together regularly and/or streams regularly because it's much easier to build an audience as part of a group than on your own. Also, if location (country, city, continent) is an issue, try and find games that don't require low ping and fast reflexes such as ARK, Scrap Mechanic, GTA V Online, etc. If you want to do fps like CSGO, CoD and BF4, then try and find others close to you, for obvious reasons.


Hope that helps :)



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