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Destiny issues involving increased lag.

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I'm an addicted PVP Destiny player who switched to a NetDuma a few months ago to try and battle the connection issues that Destiny has in their PVP end game content. Since I switched I noticed a few things. When playing Destiny your connection is rated by the game it self and added to the roster is terms of colored bars which can be green/yellow/red which should indicate the quality of the connection for a given player. Before I switched to NetDuma I was playing through my Apple AirPort (latest model) and all my connections were green, the bar did drop from game to game to like a maximum of a half green bar but for the most time it was always in the green. 


Since switching to NetDuma I noticed that the connection quality has dropped from green to yellow and red in certain cases. This was before Destiny decided to change their connection based match making to skill based match making. This change didn't directly affect the lag in the game but it was definitely a noticeable change. The skill based match making hit me quite hard when it was introduced as my combat rating in game forces me to get paired against the top tier players of Destiny.


Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Me and my fireteam of 3 people were entering Trials, I'm from the Netherlands, one was from the UK and one was from Belgium. Both of my team mates are rated as 100% positive in my NetDuma and are in the Geo range. A few games in I noticed that we were matched against a player that was from the US while his team mates were in my Geo range as they showed up as being from the UK. The game started and we noticed the redbar on their team and he was easily identified as the guy from the us (did an extra PS profile check to confirm) the weird thing was that I had become the red bar user in our team as well as my team mates connection going to yellow. The lag in that game was unbarable, people teleporting through the map, getting shot through corners and just hits not registering. Needless to say we lost the match. A few games later we noticed the same thing and I decided to turn off the host filtering on my NetDuma and all of the sudden all the lag that we had was completely gone. 


This week, I noticed the same thing again during Iron Banner. We had a fireteam of 6, all in the range of my active Geo filter. And we were matched up against people who were completely out of my geo filter 3/4 were in the rest were all out. There was a horrible lag in the game again until I turned of my netduma. This wasn't a one off game. And just to be sure here, I was fire team leader on all of the games.


So in these cases, the NetDuma is actually causing me to lag in the game instead of resolving it. One explanation would be is as Destiny is peer-to-peer game with no dedicated server it means that loss the connectivity between 2 users is shared between the fireteams. Causing them to send the traffic from the blocked user to me and vise versa as my fireteam started noticing that the lag was gone for them as well after I disabled my duma. 


Now this could all be a coincidence but it's definitely gotten me to a point where I start to hesitate playing with my netduma on in the fear of getting banned from the game. Especially as opponents now started to message me with:


Well done with the lag switch f*cking idots kicking me out all the time




Has anyone else ever witnessed anything like this? Any ways to resolve these connection issues or did I mess something up when configuring the router? 


Here are some details about my current setup. 



Provider: Ziggo

Download: 200 MBPS

Upload: 20 MBPS
ISP Router: Horizon box (which is a Samsung), LAN cable to NetDuma and NetDuma put in DMZ



Host filtering

- Enabled for PS4

- Strict-Mode disabled

- Auto/Peer ping disabled

- Radius of 1477 KM



- Reactive

- Upload/Download cap: 100%

- Hyper-Traffic: Enabled for Playstation


Cloud Settings

- Auto Cloud

- Bleeding Edge

- Whitelist games/server/map set to 1


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enable strict mode that's why your geo is connecting to other people outside your circle. strict mode prevents that


You cannot enable strict-mode for Destiny, if this setting is turned on you will be booted from the game with BEAVER error codes as match making doesn't really care about it but will boot you as soon as you load in to the game.

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Have you tried lowering your upload/download cap to somewhere around 70-80% to account for potential blufferbloat?


After I changed my CC settings to account for blufferbloat I was finally able to start seeing the Netduma router's full power. 



Check out this thread from the Netduma forums for some good info on how to combat bufferbloat. 


Other links:

Bufferbloat Test

OpenWRT Options

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What firmware are you on?


Lowering congestion control will definitely help eliminate any lag caused in the home, thus improving your connection to the game. We recommend 70/70.


Destiny actually does use dedicated servers in some cases when you can't connect to a player. It is highly likely the US player was connecting to the dedicated server that was inside your radius. Allowing you to play together. 

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