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Bandwidth warning

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I got my netduma r1 6 days ago

I live in Dubai with Internet speed of 26 Mbps download and 6mbps upload

Everytime I update my bandwidth with these values it come warning


I have tried to follow as well the Geo filter

For finding hosts in my vicinity

But all in Europe and America it shows

Plus some times I get moderate NAT on black ops 3 with no improvement


I need a help with the settings so I can take the most from netduma


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Hi there - when you update your settings, can you post a screenshot of the warning you are getting?  There is a pop up that allows people on 1.03.06 software to be able to have their speeds set for them, so I am not sure if that is what you are seeing, or if you have something else popping up.


From there, I am sure we can get you set up and running.


Welcome to the #DumaArmy



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I'm assuming you're allowing the router to auto setup once you put your speeds in. A warning pop up box appears, don't worry about it. Your settings will have changed correctly for your speeds. 


Next, I don't believe there are any local dedicated servers to you. This means you have a couple of options. Widen your radius to include the closest parts of Europe to you. Your ping may not be great though. Ensure you have anti-flood set to 70/70 and put your console in hyper traffic. 


You can try to get P2P games but this may not always be possible. Do 2000km radius, strict on, ping assist to 0. Do the same congestion control and hyper traffic settings.


For your NAT follow this guide http://wiki.netduma.com/doku.php?id=how_do_i_open_my_nat

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