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How the get FritzBox Cable and NetDuma to the same subnet


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Hi all,


I have a question how to setup my network to get my FritzBox and NetDuma in the same subnet.

I only want to use the DHCP from my FritzBox because if i deactivate it, there will be no connection to the internet.


I have currently following Setup:

FritzBox Cable (Modem and WLAN On) > NetDuma (WLAN Off) > PS4, Raumfeld, Printer, PC,... (All wired connection)

When DHCP for both are on and FritzBox is in 192.168.3.x and NetDuma in 192.168.2.x everything works except that i have no connection from my WLAN (FritzBox) to the Raumfeld sound system (NetDuma).


What i want:

Same setup from above but my FritzBox should be 192.168.2.x and the NetDuma 192.168.2.x. NetDuma should also use the DHCP from the FritzBox.


Why I´m not using the WLAN of the NetDuma? Because of the very loud crackling noise if i stream netflix over my FireTV-Stick or ChromeCast (only WLAN). So all my wireless stuff should go over the FritzBox.



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In simple terms, only hosts on the same subnet can communicate with each other, without explicit routing entries. If you want to access something from the fritzbox LAN to the netduma LAN you need to port forward to the device you want to connect to. Then when you want to access it use the WAN IP of the duma. Which will be 192.168.3.xx. 


Incidentally if you want to use congestion control properly everything should go through the duma. 

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