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Anyone still play Battlefield 1943?


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Dear All Netduma users,


I decided at the weekend to plug my PS3 back in and fire up Battlefield1943 (due to 2x xp being on BO3).


I managed to get into games quickly no problem and was surprised there was a gaming population still out there for this great game :)


I really like the balance of gunfights/tank/jeep action you get and it is still a nice game to chill out to as a change from COD games.


Does anyone else on here still play it or played it previously? Was wondering whether anyone recommended any specific settings on the netduma.


Initially I increased the GF range to include more of Europe and played for about an hour. Later on I realised I only had the PS4 as an added device so it wasn't applicable. Doh! Have to remember that next time  :rolleyes:


1 more question regarding hyper lane - do I need to remove the PS4 from this then add in the PS3? I'm guessing you can only have 1 device at a time?


Kind Regards to you all 



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Cheers Iain,


Thanks for the last update by the way, it works a treat for BLOPS 3  :)


Unfortunately you can't pick servers on BF 1943, it tends to throw you in a game. Battlefield 3/4 etc I think you can though?

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