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Florida Fios

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If you don't mind me asking what are your settings that you have found work best for you? Just trying to get some other options from people around my area that possibly have found a good setup.

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60% both ways with devices

90% with no devices

Hyper-Traffic device Xboxone

Device Prioritisation:

60 to Xboxone

Share excess ticked


Algorithm Reactive



UPNP enable

LAN IPv6 disabled

WAN IPv6 disabled


Misc. Settings

Deep packet unticked

Feedback ticked

Remote access ticked

Upnp ticked

Snooping ticked

IPv6 unticked

Access control panel unticked

Cookies ticked

WiFi work around unticked

Stealth mode unticked

Turbo mode ticked

Super unticked


Cloud Settings

Enable both


My isp router/modem combo G1100

Lowered my firewall settings and disabled upnp


Any questions just ask

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