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Street Fighter 5


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Hey ppl! I am Dimitris from Greece and i am getting through a crisis (pun)! 

My favorite games are CoD and SFV both on PS4. I have two questions regarding each of them.

1)My ISP carrier provides 13000kb/1000kb D/U and i am on fastpath. My average ping according to CoD is 67-100ms. I followed the tutorials and all a got was a 60-80ms ping. I am wondering if there is a way to get an average of 50 ms (it sounds like ordering pizza) or better. I Know there are many Cod players in greece and i hoped that geofilter would help connecting with nearby hosts when setting a national radius.

2) Since SFV is just out, i went on trying it with NETDUMA with geofilter on ( covering the majority of Europe ) i couldn't enter a casual or ranked game. Putting Geofilter off i was getting into matches but with highly variable ping (50-120). So,are there any suggested settings in order to improve my matchmaking and overall connectivity? Are we to expect a profile for SFV in the near future?


Perhaps I am asking too much, but any clue would be highly appreciated.


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Hey Dimitris, welcome to the forum!


What is your base ping when you do a wired speed test? Depending on your base ping it may be possible but due to your location there may not be many servers close to you.


We haven't yet got official support for Street Fighter but we'll work on it!

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Thanks for the response!


According to pingtest i am at 35ms. However I think there us a difference between CoD's ingame ping calculation and Netduma's host analysis. There always is a 10ms-20ms less in the latter (which i seem to trust more day by day).


Glad to hear you are working on SFV, since matchmaking with Geofilter on is almost impossible atm. I need to turn it off in order to get in matches!


Keep up the good work guys!

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