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Windows 10 Xbox app question


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If everything goes as planned I'm going to be playing Killer Instinct Season 3 on a PC instead of my Xbox One.


My question is, should I still set up KI as if I'm playing over Xbox live?

I'm assuming KI will run through the Xbox app to connect online for crossplay.


Another way of asking is with some online games getting crossplay would you setup your PC as if it was your Xbox [Hyper Traffic, Ports and such]


I haven't owned a high end gaming rig in about 13 years!

This should be fun.

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If you play any Microsoft Game... Keep it set up as Xbox One.


I did this for BO3 on PC and it works exactly the same as the consoles. They are different servers, physically, but the servers in CoD are in sever banks, so the same locations always light up in the Geo Filter...

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