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Advice on best set-up (Virgin Super Hub & Existing Router)

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I've just purchased a netduma, which is being delivered today, and I'll hopefully try to set it up this evening (so I'm looking to get a head start).


Currently, I've got a Virgin super hub, with download speeds of 150mbps (although in reality, it rarely reaches this) and upload speeds of approx 10mbps.


I've found the wifi on the superhub to be pretty poor though, so I've currently got the superhub set to modem mode and have an ASUS N66U as the router, and the wifi this gives me is great.


I've looked around the forums, and from what I've read, I could either do:


 wall > modem > netduma > n66u




wall > modem > n66u > netduma


I was just wondering which would be best setup for me. To be honest, I'm not too fussed about congestion control at the moment, and I'm more concerned about getting the full download speeds that Virgin give me (including if they ever increase the bandwidth, or I upgrade).


Am I right in saying that the upgrade given by 1.03.5 means the netduma can handle speeds 500mbps and over now? If so would wall > modem > netduma > n66u be the better option?


Also, I currently have various ports forwarded on the N66U to give me an open NAT. Should I initially try removing these and letting the netduma handle all of this?


Thanks for any help.



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