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Geo filter not working

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I have problem with my geo filter its not working after the update


I have reseted the netduma to factory then i enterd the ps4 in the geo filter but it dose not showing me any thing in the map


And i have another question how can i know which ps4 is my ps4 when choosing in the geo filter because we have 3 ps4's at home and all of them showing as ps4 in the geo filter option



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Hey, follow this guide and you should be set http://wiki.netduma.com/doku.php?id=why_can_t_i_see_anything_on_the_geofilter


Go to device manager and check the IPs they have. Compare these to the IPs on the PS4s network settings. Then rename the devices, PS4-1, PS4-2 or something so you know which is which.

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