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Halo 5 times me out for quitting games ??


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So after an amazing 3 days after I ordered it the new duma was on my door in Florida, awesome. Took me a short time to hook it up and a few more to get my airport time capsule into access point mode. And I was off. 

Black Ops 3 on both ps4 and X1 ran smooth despite my lack of complete set up on netduma. When I played Halo 5 I had a serious issue. I got timed out for quitting games despite the fact the I had yet to play a single game!! My geofilter was set to 1000km, I selected halo 5 in the menu on the new update, confused. Anyone else getting this? What did I do wrong and what can I do to make sure this does not happen again?? Thanks

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