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Profiles Explanation

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hello guys

i just upgraded to new version, but i have some questions


1. Can somebody explain me how does profiles really work .. and what exact are doing ??

2. which are the ideal profile settings for CoD ?

3. if i load a profile after i Finnish the game how can i set my router back to normal ??

4. why on profiles loads there are no personal settings load, such as hyper traffic ????

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1 Profiles save settings from many pages in one place so you can set up your router with a single click instead of navigating to many places to set individual settings.


2. If you have your own settings that you like you can save that as your gaming profile and switch to it easily.  The defaults are set up by the netduma team I'm guessing to help n00bs get a quick start without too much tinkering.


3. Create a profile  "normal mode" or whatever you want to call it with all the gaming settings removed and switch to that once you finish gaming


4. When you create a custom profile you can add hyper traffic settings.  I and others have noticed a few inconsistencies when laoding hyper traffic settings so that may be a bit buggy for you till Iain takes a look at it.

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