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Connectivity Issues w/ DUMA, R7000 and CM600. Please Help!


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For about a little over a week, I have been having connectivity issues with the internet dropping out or slowing to a crawl and the only fix would be the powercycling of the modem. I had a SB6183 and read on these forums that there is an eee bug that causes the dropout of connectivity when connecting to the netduma. So, I bought a Netgear CM 600 and the connection is better but about everyday at unknown entity of time the same connectivity issues happens and a powercycling of the modem fixes the issue for awhile. I have tried putting the Duma behind another router but then it simply doesn't work even though I put the duma into the dmz of the first router to not cause NAT issues.


I have Time Warner Cable.




MODEM (CM600) --> NETDUMA --> AP (R7000)


I have tried:





Secondary information:


I currently have the MODEM CM600 --> ROUTER (R7000) hooked up just so that family could have stable internet for the time being with no issues.




Does anyone know if the CM600 has a broadcom chipset? Any tips or suggestions are welcomed.


The Netduma has the latest .6 update.

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So you only experience the issues when the netduma is connected?
Or have you noticed dropouts when it's disconnected?

Also are the dropouts occurring on both Ethernet and WiFi or only on WiFi?
Make sure WiFi workaround is disabled, http://r1/cgi-bin/misc.sh


Have you also ensured that your other devices (router/  modem) are up to date with their firmware?
A few last things , make sure you're allocating the correct amount of BW to each device.


Would you be able to post your speeds here?



And finally, have you fiddled with any settings which may have impacted the routers stability?
Eg Turbo mode , 5gz WiFi etc?

Let me know and I'll try to help out as much as I can :)

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Thanks for the reply.


Yes, dropouts occur only while Duma is connected in some fashion.


It happens so irregularly (tried turning on one device at a time and using) that are unable to tell.


Wifi workaround is not selected.


All devices firmware are the latest version of each.


I have equal bandwidth to all devices except for PS4 and TV receiving 20% for each one and each share of excess to others.


Speeds when modem power cycled are 256D/23U

When slowed by unknown force 5-12D/ 23U


Turbo mode is selected because my isp speeds are suppose to be 300/20.


I have tried factory reset of all devices, power cycling, wifi from R7000 is 2.4 and 5 ghz but the Duma wifi is off.

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So it sounds like you're getting wifi disconnects from the R7000 when connected to the R1 is that right? 


Are wired devices getting disconnected as well?


When the R7000 disconnects, connect to the duma itself, does the internet work?


For speeds:


(> 300 ) to enable super turbo you need super turbo ticked, turbo ticked, dpp unticked and algorithm: reactive can disable IPv6 in lan, wan & misc too

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Wireless and wired get slowed significantly. The Duma by itself slows as well.


All of those things are clicked and unclicked in the correct spot.


When R7000 connected directly to the modem no issue.

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So replacing the cord did nothing. I placed the netduma in the DMZ and reserved an ip on the R7000. The setup is MODEM --> ROUTER(R7000[runnning the wireless])--> NETDUMA (Running everything that wired). Turbo is ticked. Super turbo is not ticked because it was causing crash and require power cycle of modem. I am getting mostly the full internet speed on turbo. The netduma would not work from the modem without it crashing regardless of super turbo being ticked or not. Ever since I have changed it to this way there has been no issue. Super turbo for some reason just makes it crash.

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