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Disable DLC...


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So, many others along with myself want the option to disable DLC on the fly

Similar to previous COD's where there was a button to do so


Anyways , apparently , if you delete the DLC patch , redownload it and don't activate the DLC in the store , you won't play on DLC maps.
This is just a rumour , not sure if it's true or not , PS4 players would need to delete the entire game and redownload if you own the digital version.
Also you wouldn't be able to play on zombies if you did so, so it's pretty pointless.


What I think we should do is tweet at treyarch that we want the ability to disable DLC so we can play with the rest of the community.
Will they listen to us? Probably not , but it's worth a shot , if enough people jump on the bandwagon , they might listen!

So tweet @treyarch and let them know you want the ability to disable DLC!


Even if you don't have the DLC , this will affect you , there's less people to play with as the community is divided.
I'll be doing my part , trying to get in to contact with a few youtubers to see if they can give it a push.



Thunder has acknowledged

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Not a good Idea


If you are successful and get your disable DLC maps option then there will be even less of a pool of players for those who buy DLC maps and keep them enabled.


Which would eventually kill paid DLC maps


Better would be that there should be a deliberate endeavour to make all DLC maps free.


This is exactly what Blizzard are talking about doing with Overwatch


That would keep the community united the continual supply of new maps would keep the game fresh


devs could continue to make money on the Casino black market supply drops stuff


Even better though would be to go back to the olden days and make map editors available to the modding community


and allow community maps to be compatible with console.


for those of you too young to know the halcyon days of community produced fps maps just know that the most awesome, unusual, interesting, fun maps came from the mod community and they were all free.


Man I just reminded myself why console gaming sucks bad.....We are all just consumers now.....

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As soon as the first DLC drops the player base is fragmented to shit,so weather you have the map packs or you don't it doesn't matter...less players in player pool on both sides.


If you don't like the map packs get rid of them,if you like them then keep them.I'm still on the fence about it,gonna give it another week or so and then decide depending on hoe the game is playing.But with all the shit they are doing to it,I/we will never really know what's causing the issues...DLC or all the hot fixes and patches.


IMO raise the price of the game 25 dollars and give everyone the maps with the purchase of the game.They'll still make their money on the game and maps as people aren't gonna not buy the game because it cost 85 dollars with the DLC included.That way everyone that bought the game would have the maps,so no more fragmented player base and everyone's happy.The company make's their money and the community gets a better gaming experience with NO FRAGMENTATION


Oh wait that would make to much sense,so there's no fucking way that's gonna happen

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