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Host Filter Manager PC App

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I was finding that I had way too many white dots on the duma host filter page and if i wanted to remove a specific person or see if I had them added, it was a chore.  I whipped up this quick app and have been using it for a week now.  


It works for my personal needs.  I figured I'd share it here, in case anyone else could get some use out of it too.  I make no guarantees that it'll work for you, but if there is a bug I'll see what I can do to fix it.  



  • You'll need to make sure you have NET 4.5.1 installed for it to work.
  • The top window shows all of the existing saved hosts. You can click on one then click the Remove button to remove one.
  • The bottom window shows all of the connections to your duma.  I have a PS4 and play Destiny, so my descriptions are based on these.  Click on one of these items and set a quality or use the allow/deny buttons, then click save.  The host will be added to your duma filtering.  

That's pretty much it.  Just a simple host filter manager.  I may add more features in the future, as time allows.










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Checking for malware
Download at your own risk everyone!




Seems clean , but just be careful when using.
I suggest running it sandboxed


Currently I haven't noticed any malware, nothing dropped / executed
No files modified (Except for appdata .tmp files)


A few false positives too





Anyways , be careful.

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Very interesting! Are you using profile loading as a way to do this? If not, perhaps a better interface would be to use that. 


On profiles click save with only allow&deny checked and then export it and you can see the format you need to load the allow&deny list.


Either way very impressive! Unfortunately we can't endorse it for legal reasons but hopefully lots of people find it useful :)

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