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cant join lobby with friends bo3


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im sure alot of people have had this problem when they cant join the people they have in their party and they cant join you but was wondering if anyone has found a fix for it?

seems treyarch aint gona patch it

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Check the post right before yours.  Things have to be done in a specific order for it to work properly, and thats assuming everyone in the party has open Nat types, because that alone can cause issues.

xbox nat is open but the game nat is whatever it wants to be lol

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Xbox checks port 3074 for open nat, the BO3 requests Port 3075 as well for in game open Nat.  Check your Upnp to make sure both are listed for your xbox IP.  Not sure exactly what additional ports are needed for PS4

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As for friends partying up, try this order:


Power down console

Turn off geofilter

Turn on console

Start Blops 3 application 

Let it load and establish connection to all servers at startup (watch and wait until numbers in the top right of load screen are complete, from to 43.x.x.x)

Enter multiplayer lobby

Make sure Nat is says Open

Send invites and see if everyone can join OR let them join each other and then join their room

Once in, you should see everyone pop up as circles on the Geofilter map

Name and add each individually by rating them 100 percent and hitting update on the host descriptor section of the Geofilter page

Give the settings a chance to register

Now you can enable the Geofilter (make sure the button says "disable", that means it is enabled - this seems to confuse some people)

Wait for the filter settings to register (about 2 min)

Search for games, dominate, and represent the Duma Army well!


Follow these steps and everything should be good to go

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