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Speed slows down

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I've had to do this a couple of times and wanted to see if it's normal.


Using a WIRED connection, I've noticed my download and upload speeds slow down over time.  My congestion control sliders are both at 100% and I have no other activity online (kids and wife are out of the house).  I'll go to Speedtest on a wired PC conection and I'll also use the XB1's internal network test (which I realize isn't always accurate but my experience is that it's very close to speedtest.  Here I used it as a double check.)  They both show about 16 down and 4 up.


I've unplugged the router and connected my PC directly to my modem again with a wired connection.  Speedtest then shows EXACTLY what it should (30 down and 6 up).  Plugging router back in returned it to the slower speeds of ~16 down and 4 up.  I double checked all settings that I could think of (congestion control, sliders, allocation etc) and it all looks normal.  I've rebooted router, modem, unplugged each, etc.  Went through all the steps again but no change.


If I click on Factory Reset, and then test it, I'm back to 30 down/6 up.  What's happened in the past is that over the course of a month or two, it slows down and I simply hit factory reset again and it works fine.


I have auto cloud enabled and bleeding edge cloud checked.  I haven't really changed any other settings.


Is there something else I need to check/uncheck or review to fix this?  Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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