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  1. I understand the role of the mods. My point is that the mods can use their voices to advocate for the members. That's also a way of helping them. And I didn't say mutiny so don't go all Machiavellian. As a group you can communicate to the company that's different than regular members. Or not, as you've obviously stated and done.
  2. Again, if the Mods would tell Netduma that they won't be posting or moderating any threads/posts until someone from Netduma gives a clear and honest answer to the members here about the R1 update, it can management understand how much they are missing the boat right now. Or they can continue to toe the party line and say "we're volunteers" and "just doing our unpaid jobs" without accepting any consequences for their complicity in Netduma's behavior.
  3. So using an expletive on the forums is bad, but lying is ok? Instead of giving the same song and dance answer, the mods need to tell Netduma that they won't me moderating any posts until a meaningful statement is released/posted by Ian or someone else. Claiming that you're just volunteers and don't know anything doesn't cut it. You have power to act as a group in support of the members here. Don't be complicit in their behavior. Don't make us invoke Godwin's Law....
  4. The post that was deleted was a post where he only quoted me but didn't add a comment. He then posted again with his comments. The first post, without anything but my quote, was the one deleted. Again, most mods elsewhere would have deleted it or combined it. I'm not saying whoever took action was wrong. I'm just pointing out that he/she/gender pronoun did, in fact, have a post deleted.
  5. It was. He quoted me without any text from himself. In the next comment, he put his thoughts. To be fair, most mods on other forums would have either deleted his post or edited them to a single post. But he did have the first post deleted.
  6. Apparently that isn't the case for the employees.
  7. Well that post is f'ing relevant to the topic....
  8. Winds of Winter and Duma OS for the R1 will be released at the same time.
  9. Well obviously the hope is that someone who does know something would update the thread. You're right, there's is zero value in a forum mod who doesn't know anything to post about the development cycle. Maybe they could just post the flavor of the kool-aid they're drinking.
  10. Linksys has a new XBox One gaming router out now. I haven't researched it but I may start comparing it to the XR500. It's a shame that they've let us get to that point...
  11. I'm in the US and have ordered from Ultimarc in the UK a bunch of times. DHL gets it to me in a couple of days. Much, much faster than USPS ships in the US. It's on par with two day Amazon Prime shipping. Factoring in weekends, I'd say if you ship it today or Monday, you'll have a replacement by next Saturday or Monday.
  12. Is no one else excited about this? Am I missing a thread somewhere or missing something? In 11 days, we're getting the updated OS right?
  13. Netgear didn't want this news out until CES. Netduma had zero control over the announcement. Yes it sucks that you bought it now but blaming the company is pointless.
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