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Something is going very wrong .....

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Hey Duma Army,


I have a big problem...MyPing has raised from the normal 40-50 ms to over 100 ms. I don't know what the Problem is I did a factory reset and di my old setup. The ping diagnostics are also normal but i always get conected to a BO3 lobby and I have a terrible connection. My geo filter is setup correctly. And I don't know what is wrong with my NetDuma.... I play on the Xbox One. I attached my geo filter my CC and my Ping diagnostic result. I hope someone can help me. Because I can't play properly .... Thank you guys




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Reset the device priority flower it is bugged in .5 fixed in the next FW update.


The geo filter can pick up hosts of any ms ping


You could put your geo in the ocean and set your ping assist to 40ms to get hosts of only 40 and below.

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