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Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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Hi guys, i've used the search function for "Counter Strike" // "Global Offensive" // "CSGO"....


With no returns that seemed CS orientated..


I'm 85% sure however that I seen a tweet from you guys mentioning that you don't support CSGO with your GeoFilter.


Is this still true? If so, is this always going to be the case? Is it simply something that cannot be done?


I'm at a point now with CSGO, where Competative Match making is really fun in terms of grinding and learning new things along the way. Playing and communicating is key though. And while 5/10 games are with people who do speak English, the other 5 are usually from Poland/Russia/Ukraine.. And speak no English..


It's my own fault for being a monoglot xD!


Annnyway, I could see Geo Filter being a massive selling point for the CSGO community. Localising your search radius not only gives you almost 100% guaranteed chance of playing with players who speak your native language, it also gives you a better chance to make new friends. I've play enough Comp MM now to realise that I have only bumped into literally 2 guys from the UK.. I've won around 55 matches so I have definitely played many many more games than that, and only met 2 UK guys....


Also I did see briefly somewhere that there is some software you can use which sounds like it does a pretty similar job to the Duma, allowing you to set filters and such. If the Duma is a dead end for CSGO I may have to look into that.


(Sorry if this has already been covered and discussed, I did use the search function).


More over if it is supported and always has been please forgive me, I'm sure I seen a tweet mentioning that you didn't, as I said earlier.

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CS:GO PC Works for casual, server search. Competitive servers are clustered in the same location so may not be as useful but some people have mentioned they like the ability to force certain clusters e.g. EU West over EU East.


Found this in the buyers guide, but still no trace of how to force EU west, on the forum. I'm sure its there. I just can't find it.

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Hey, I haven't tested CS:GO for a long time. It does work for casual yes, but I don't think it works too well for comp as you've said. 


If you know where the EU West/East servers are place your home over the one you want, strict on and pa 0 and see if you can force it.

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