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Switched to 5G and now router won't appear under my network list

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Just got the NetDuma R1 was super excited and I got it set up and running. I went under the settings panel and noticed there was an option to change the frequency from 2.4g to 5g. I clicked 5g and clicked save, the web browser went into a loading screen and now my netduma router disappeared (cannot connect to it). It does not appear under my network list. I tried to reset both the netduma router and my home router but that did not seem to work. Can still connect to my home router (hence how I have internet at the moment but my netduma router has disappeared all together. Not really that techie.


Any suggestions?



I got the router to appear under the network list by resetting it (pressed the reset button) but cannot connect to it. It keeps saying I do not have the correct password.

Any solution around this? I tried the same S/N # but it is not working.

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Did you try disconnecting power to reboot it?  Also, there is a factory reset button on the unit.  Once you press it, you should hear a beep that confirms that it is resetting.



Yep, did that. But now I cannot connect to the network. It appears under the network list but it keeps saying invalid password whenever I try to connect to it.

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