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slow interface

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hello to all.


i have struggle with the slow interface after geofiltering.


i have try reset the priority flower . 

do nothing.

different browsers even from my phone again same effect.


i have try to set geo filter and close the broswer window . again the same thing.


i have notice it that it occurs after i switch lobbies (without change anything on the setting of the geofilter.) 

i also notice that when this occurs the ping on the game is a little bigger.



the only way to come back is to disable the geofilter and enable it again. 

but i must whait for a minute to the page to load and the button that disables is not responding (maybe after 4 minutes unstucks)


i have read that it is from the congection setup but i dont think so.


i think it is from the geofilter .


maybe a watchdog in the code could reset it after some minutes?


i hope that on the new firmware will be ok. thanks.


overall my experience is very good!

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yes. today it was worst.


i disabled wifi nothing changed.


also today i notice that all the options inturbo mode and the others was all ticked. is this was changed by the cloud service? because i am certain thats was un tick yesterday.

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i think that the problem that slows down the interface is the geofilter radius.  i played with minimum for long time and had no problem at all.


when i increase it the interface started to slow down.


all this on bo3.

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