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Virgin Media lagging, Net Duma giving mixed results - BufferBloat?


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I've been having pretty severe lag issues with blops 3 (and previous titles) so I decided to buy a Net Duma R1.
It's definitely had a positive impact (due to the host filtering I imagine) but there are still times when I'm lagging behind other players in the game and I just cannot win a gun fight. I can even hear that the hit detection is off.
Things seem to be better during the day, which leads me to believe it's related to a peak time traffic shaping / throttling problem?
I'm on Virgin's new 150mbps down / 10mpbs up service and when I ran a speed test on DSLReports.com the buffer bloat was terrible. It's something I'd not heard of before so did some investigation and it seems like Virgin have a history of Buffer Bloat issues.
If I change my bandwidth to 50mpbs down and 10mpbs up on the R1, then set the congestion control to 30% both ways and put it in Reactive mode the results on DSLReports are MUCH better and I get an A/A+ grade for Buffer Bloat.
It also seems to have a positive effect on the game and my hit detection seems to improve but it could just be a placebo, I need to give it a bit more time.

Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice that may help?

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Virgin media is well know for jitter problems, I am not saying you do but the likelihood is there.


To rule it out I would do a Netduma net diagnostics and download ping plotter to test you line over a longer period of time.




Type into target then press go.

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If you could run the tests and take a screen shot of them I will take a look for you.


You need to test in peak times so around dinner time onward to around 11pm you can find jitter caused by other users in your area streaming and downloading.


You may be lucky and live in an area that has enough capacity.



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