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Xbox live not working

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Taken from http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/xbox-live/error-code-80151909:




Error 80151909 occurs when downloading your Xbox Live profile

You see the following error code when downloading your Xbox Live profile or connecting to Xbox Live:


This means that there’s a temporary connection problem with Xbox Live.

Note If you see the “Your console can't connect to Xbox Live” message instead, try the solutions at Error 8015190B occurs when connecting to Xbox Live on Xbox 360.



Solution 1: Check the status of Xbox Live

Check for service alerts on the Xbox Live Status page. If there's currently a service alert for Xbox Live, it could be preventing you from connecting. Try again after the issue has been resolved.

If there are no Xbox Live service alerts, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Restart your Xbox 360 console and download your profile again

First, restart your console. Then, try downloading your profile again. To learn how to redownload your profile, see Download your Xbox Live profile to a different Xbox 360 console or redownload it.

If you keep experiencing the problem, contact Xbox Support.




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Cant get onto xbox live at all on my 360, When i tried to sign in it said error code 80151909, I did some digging and some people suggested trying to re download my profile, but it cant even connect to xbox live to allow me to download it.


Any suggestion?


Ha ha - I just had this problem myself as I hadn't been on the 360 since BO3 dropped.  You need to delete your existing profile from the 360 and then re-download it from XBLive.  The link ABC posted above shows how to do this.  http://support.xbox.com/en-US/my-account/manage-gamertag-and-profile/download-your-xbox-live-profile-to-another-360-console


You delete it from the 360, you download it from the XBLive service and you are good to go.  Caveat* - If you made a GT change, or you made any password changes, you may need to follow the directions for two-phase authentication which is the new security watch word.  It may them just forcing the 2 phase auth onto more accounts.


Once I deleted and reloaded my profile, I did have to use the two way method, I was on and playing.  Total time down was about 15 minutes, but 10 of that was researching the code and following a couple of links to figure out my specific need.

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