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[DESTINY] Geo-filter: Boots me from game - creates NAT issue with EVERY player

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When I enable the geo-filter, I get kicked from every PVP match, and get NAT-TYPE with every person I am in a party chat with.


I have updated all the recent settings. Cloud etc.


Geo-filtering is the main reason for purchasing this modem.


If I can't use it, what's the sense.

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Tested again. 30 minutes almost to the second, and it disconnected me from the gaming server.


can you try with another router 


to check if the problem from netduma or your isp

Don't have another.


I haven't had a single issue with my ISP in 4 years.

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I also had some issues with getting booted from Destiny while using Geo-filtering.  Netduma Fraser suggested the above settings to me, and things have been working fine for me since trying them out.


Yeah, all those settings are right.


I decided to try and figure out exactly where the problem is, and why I am being disconnected from the gaming server.


1. I disconnected the Netduma, and tried using my Modem/router (Netgear D6300), via Ethernet - It still disconnected after 30 minutes.

2. I disconnected the Ethernet, and connected to the Modem/router, via wifi - It still disconnected after 30 minutes.

3. I only changed 1 state in the modem/router, which was to add the netduma to the DMZ server. I un-ticked the box, and removed the DMZ.




So why is adding my Netduma to the DMZ on my modem/router causing me to disconnect from the gaming server every 30 minutes?


There are no other port forwarding rules.

I'm definitely using the WAN IP


I'm definitely confused!?!?!

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It's not the netduma, its bungle & sbmm .. Look up what's going on w/ destiny right now. Full of yt videos everywhere. Alot of issues are happening with the game. Good thing I don't play it anymore

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