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easy questions... remove server from deny list? and starting sequence

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Hello i have one dot in my deny side i cant remove? Is there a certain sequence that u start up ur ps4 and netduma? ps4 first then netduma? If i add friends buy putting them in the allowed spot do i have to reboot or power cycle ps4?Do i disable geo filter when making changes like adding servers or change distance? Thanks in advance

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1. You can move the dot to any location by re-assessing it in the rating * 0 - 100 * bar that you drag.


2. Personally I've been starting ps4 and then adjusting netduma settings on the go as I need in game without restarting anything.


3. You do not have to disable geo-filter when making changes to distance or when allowing/blocking players.


* You can't block servers or avoid them unless you move your house to another location.

** Make sure you set home to the appropriate location to connect to people you want.

*** If your friends live outside the radius then you might either consider expanding the circumference of the Geo-filter or disabling it before you join them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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