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This 'issue' is just so confusing...

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Right, let me start by saying it's not really an 'issue' it's just annoying.


I have both Xbox one and PS4, I purchased the PS4 a couple weeks back and have had the XB1 since launch, I have ports forwarded on the Duma for both consoles.


So here's the issue, I have had to forward port 82 TCP for the XB1 since having the PS4 otherwise my NAT is Moderate. While the port is enabled, I have a Moderate NAT on PS4 & need to disable the rule for 82 TCP whenever I want to play on the PS4 and then re-enable it when I want to switch back to the XB1.


I'm going to list below all of the ports I have forwarded and the console they have been assigned to, hoping someone can sort me out with this! 


Here's the list - https://gyazo.com/672cd01f4cc7e9c1a1805a3227399e29


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hey Shane,


try this out:


xbox1--Port 80 -- Port 80 -- TCP/UDP !!!!!

----------Port 53 -- Port 53 -- TCP/UDP

----------Port 88 -- Port 88 -- UDP

----------Port 500 -- Port 500 -- UDP

----------Port 3075 -- Port 3075 UDP !!!!

----------Port 3544 -- Port 3544 UDP

----------Port 4500 -- Port 4500 UDP



ps4-- Port 8080 -- Port 80 -- TCP/UDP !!!!!

------- Port 443 -- Port 443 -- TCP

------- Port 1935 -- Port 1935 TCP

------- Port 3074 -- Port 3074 UDP !!!!!!

------- Port 3478 -- Port 3478 TCP/UDP

------- Port 3479 -- Port 3479 UDP

------- Port 3480 -- Port 3480 TCP


this works for me but may not for you, all depends on your isp or isp's Modem....

but give it a try and Tell me if it workes...

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I have a PS3, PS4, Xbox 1, and Xbox 360.


All four have an Open NAT with just UPnP and UPnP Forwarding both ticked.


R1 needs to be first router after modem. 

No static IPs. 

Restart Modem and R1.

Disable Geo-Filter on R1.

Then start each console, one by one, setting them up in Auto configuration and run the Network test.

When their NAT is open, go to the next console and do the same thing, leaving each console on and connected. 

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