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[BO3 Help] How to Play other DEDICATED SERVERS


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“My local dedi plays like hell”…

“why can’t I ban the dedi near my hometown?”…

 “Wish I could play on that dedi over there where x_namedperson_x is playing”.


Might be time for a primer on how to ‘camp’ a dedicated server that is not in your home zipcode.  I’ve personally done this quite a bit and I have helped a few others do this with some decent success rates.  Keep in mind nothing is fool proof, and with the BO3 netcoding, anything is really possible but this MAY help you.


First, if you haven’t seen the thread on Bufferbloat you may want to give that a read first as it will definitely help.



How to: 


1)      Console OFF.  If you have just been playing, I would personally recommend unplugging the cable from the back of the console and forcing a disconnect from the matchmaking.  If you are not currently hard wired to your console, you may want to reconsider that life choice if quality gaming is your goal.  Hardwired is love in this exercise.


2)      Buffer Bloat testing:  This would happen here if you are a more advanced user.


3)      NetDuma Geo Filter:  Set your Geo Filter over the area you want to play.  Depending on the system, you may need to do some research in this thread concerning known dedicated server locations and how the #DumaArmy has been treated by playing on them.

a.       You want the Geo Filter to cover the region that has the server, but not so large as it covers a whole country.  You want to give the Geo Filter the area you WANT to play and limit the other options.

b.      ‘STRICT’ must be enabled.  You will have a check mark in the box.

c.       Ping Assist must be set to ZERO.  That is ‘0’, or all the way to the LEFT.

d.      Wait for the 2-minute anticheat to take effect.

4)      Re-connect LAN cable (if disconnected)


5)      Power on Console

a.       Download any new files for multiplayer (maps, patches, etc)

b.      Join Match

c.       Watch Geo Filter – You should see the circles start to populate and you should be thrown into a game inside the new filter area.


This may take a couple of minutes if the player count is low or if the time in the area you are playing is “off peak” – Middle of the day for working folks and school kids or middle of the night during the week.  Don’t try to camp the 3 Polar Bear server in the Arctic Tundra and bitch because it takes forever to get a game.  Basic stuff here folks.


This method has worked about 90%+ of the time I and other #Canaries have tested it, so keep in mind there are occasions where you may encounter difficulty.  The couple of times this happened to me, I just redid steps above (including unplugging the hard-lined LAN cable) and was able to get right back to playing.


This has proven successful for me and many others on both the PS4 and the XB1 platforms, so I hope it helps some of you guys looking for other options.


From #Canaries with Love   :wub:

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