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A problem with Geo-filtering (Destiny and HALO 5)

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Hello everyone!


My new Netduma arrived today and it was rather quick and painless to set up!  I've managed to get the congestion control working well but am running into problems when it comes to the Geo-filtering option.


My problem:

I have been testing things out with Destiny on my Xbox One, and I can connect to games without any problems when geo-filtering is disabled, but as soon as I enable it, I can't connect to any multiplayer games.  Everything starts out fine, I can see the Netduma filtering out far away hosts as it searches, and I then manage to find a full game.




The game starts to load the match (my ship begins to fly out of orbit towards whatever planet I'm playing on, for any Destiny players!), but then just before I would normally be able to start playing, I am kicked back to Orbit, with the error code 'Beaver'. 




I have also tried this with Halo 5, with a similar result - I connect to the game, only to find I am instantly booted.  I'm aware of Halo 5 using dedicated servers though, not sure how that would affect things.  As soon as I disable Geo-filtering on either game, I am able to join matches once again (albeit with hosts often in America!).


I am fairly new to all this networking malarkey, so I thought this would be the best place to come for advice!


Perhaps some of this information would help too: I'm based in Northern Ireland with the new Netduma wired to our BT HomeHub 3.  I have disabled the wireless on the HomeHub, and am connecting everything to the Netduma.  I have also set up a DMZ to the Netduma from the HomeHub.  Unfortunately, the only way I can connect my Xbox One to the internet is wirelessly - far from ideal, but it rarely causes much of an issue!  My NAT type is currently Moderate.


I have also downloaded and applied the latest update for the Netduma (1.03.5m).


Sorry for the long-winded post!  I also have a question about DMZ, but I'll maybe leave it for a different post.


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi there.  I am not a Destiny player, so please excuse the few basic questions I am about to ask.


1. - Any idea of the player count?  Do you live in a heavy Destiny area?


2. - Are the hosts that are drawing you into the game outside of your Geo Filter?


What I am wondering is if the second year isn't as popular as the first year of Destiny.  Now you are jumping on line and getting into a lobby queue, only to have the software for the NetDuma (correctly) keeping you from connecting to a foreign host because it's outside of the Geo Filter.  With the filter off, obviously, you can connect without issue, but then you have a foreign host with who knows how much lag.


Lots of Destiny players here though, so I suspect someone will be along shortly.


Halo 5 is Iain's jam, so he might even stop in and give you a few pointers, let me add it to he title for you.   ;)

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For Destiny:

  • Strict mode unticked, otherwise you will get booted
  • Ping assist 0
  • Peer ping on
  • Auto ping off
  • Auto&bleeding edge cloud ticked and applied

For Halo:


They're adamant about putting you on a US host. The only way you can prevent it is to have strict on, pa 0 and keep getting kicked until you force an EU host. In the next update there will be a special service for Halo 5 that will allow you to do this with losing any rep.

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Thank you both for the replies.  I tried what Fraser suggested and have managed to get into three games in a row without being booted on a UK host.  So far so good!


Also, that's good to know for Halo 5, looking forward to the next update!


I'm curious though - could using the Geo-filter be considered network manipulation by developers?  I'm assuming not, seeing as I haven't heard anyone getting banned or otherwise punished for using it on any games!

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