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[PS4] Destiny recently


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I'm sorry to bother you, but Lately I've been kicking back into orbit each time I want to play destiny (matchmaking multiplayer).


Is there an update that I'm not aware of that creating that ?


What configuration can I create ?



99% of the time , if something randomly starts happening , it's usually related to the game / software itself , not third-party hardware.

It doesn't mean the netduma isn't guilty of anything though , it's just unlikely it 'started acting up' for no reason.


The latest update on the netduma is 1.03.5m.

You can see which version you're using by visiting your panel and looking at the bottom of the page.

Have you changed anything on the netduma at all recently?

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I'll be testing Destiny again hopefully today to see what's happened after the update. You shouldn't be connecting to people that far away, just dedicated servers but I don't think there are any in that region. When you click on those hosts do you see an update button?

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Did you do a Router restart after you updated? Also when you updated did you change PSN/Xbox Live to its new version? Should be on your Host Filtering page, change to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.


Do you have strict off? With SBMM (Tho supposedly tuned down now) you will still often get connected outside your radius set. Strict will make it force it more, but with this update Strict has been giving me back to back beaver errors, so leave that off for now.

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Well I did restart the netduma since I've done the upragde and yes I've change the PSN version (non Ping Assit version now ...)


And no Strict mode is unticked.


I would just like to play with people in center France, And it launch me with people from dubai, quatar ans saudi arabia. weird ...


But don't forget that bungie did an upgrade to their matchmaking and it's absolutely not the same as it was at first.

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