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Destiny settings


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Geo -


Peer Ping , kilometers , Show Dormant Hosts , Legend - Ticked


Filter set at 1000KM


0ms Ping Assist


Misc settings -


Feedback, remote access , Cookies, wifi workaround - Ticked


With ToO, the best advice I can give , is to try and play at Prime Time in your area. As the game will match you with someone eventually, you'll want a higher chance that a group will be as near to you as possible.

 Lag works both ways i find in Destiny. Sometimes you'll have the advantage over players 1000's of miles away, other times you wont. Regardless of host location.

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I had a great run with Trials this weekend. One thing to keep in mind with Destiny if you aren't the fireteam lead the netduma isn't going to help much. Matchmaking is based on the fireteam leader more than anyone else in the group.


For my geo filter I use:

Enabled: Peer Ping; Strict mode (all other boxes are unticked, strict mode is the only one that affects connections).


1000miles --- Play with this one, if you find that you are taking too long to get into a game (length of time is up to your patience) or that you get kicked as you are landing make the range bigger.


Peer ping has no effect on Destiny (there are no dedicated servers) so it doesn't matter what you set it to (hence the suggestion to set it to 0ms).


Make sure you have anti-flood set up with your console at a higher percent than everything else, sliders no higher than 80%, and correct bandwidth numbers.

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