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Cardboard and VR


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I am embarrassing late to this whole VR thing


but got Google cardboard as a present over Christmas and holy shit.......


Why didn’t someone tell me about this before? 


It’s so awesome.

I didn’t realize that there is a whole world of awesome 180 deg 360 deg videos out there

And some the aps and games have blown my mind even on my shitty xperia z1


If you haven’t tried it I recommend


 I am now totally hyped for Oculus and PlayStation VR


it is going to be a game changer.






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Driving games should be awesome with VR.


One of the biggest issues for me with driving games is the lack of depth perception making it hard to judge speed and stopping distances, a good steering wheel setup and VR will be mind blowing.....and maybe a bit vomit inducing :P


I'll be first in line for GT or Forza VR :)

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Im not sure about depth perception. I think there are limitations on that front. Definitly ive played some games where there is a parallax system that gives a illusion of depth but its not real depth perception. To get real depth perception vr system would have somehow track your pupils to calculate exactly where you were looking then adjust the game focal point to suit. Thats for the future i suppose. The parallax effect does allow much better sense of distance though.


Also , with current vr, we will be getting much reduced resolution than we are used to on current monitors / screens so in that respect we will be taking a step back.


However the whole immersion thing where you are transported to another place is what really works. So although we may not be able to see that track in the distance as clear as we are used to it will be counteracted by the feeling of actually being in that car on that famous race track for real.


I cant wait......

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