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GEO filter host and Xbox open NAT issue.

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I'm having issues seeing hosts on the GEO filter page. The congestion control works. I have an open NAT on my Xbox 1. I'm using a Arris NVG589 gateway. I have configured the arris gateway for ip pass through.

Settings NVG589:

Wireless disabled

Pass through enabled


MAC address for R1 entered

Firewall settings disabled


I have followed the basic setup and advanced setup for the R1.

When I first setup the R1 this way I get an open NAT on my xbox1. Things seem to function correctly. I never see any hosts on the GEO filtering page. When I shutdown my xbox for the night and turn it on the next day my NAT goes to strict on my XBOX. I have tried turning off GEO filtering, clearing the cache on my Xbox (5minute no power). It's 50/50 if I can get an open NAT again without resetting everything and starting over. Any suggestions?

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Follow http://forum.netduma.com/topic/10283-how-to-find-your-best-settings and give your XB1 a static IP address.


This should solve the NAT problem.


Depending on where you are, when you go into "Multiplayer" on whatever game you are playing then you should see hosts (P2P) or at least, MM dedicated servers (big pulsing circles). If you don't see any of these things it may be because you are in a sparsely populated area (those who own XB1) and/or the game you play doesn't have many players at the moment?

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I will try the above steps. FYI I'm in Houston Texas. I should see a few players. Lol.


There is a dedicated server in Dallas (for CoD; still haven't stated what game you are playing) and you should also see P2P hosts as well.


If you don't see those things when firing the Netduma up after you try all of the above, ask for a 1 on 1 with Fraser, or another member of the Netduma team and they will help sort you out ASAP :)

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