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  1. Well, been a while now without any problems regarding this. I think it worked! Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it!
  2. Sure! Actually I already had them off. I also have them turned off on my ISP modem/router. The version of my firmware right now is the 3.0.394. Just to let you know, it happened again a few minutes ago, around 13:20 - 13:22. I had to hard reboot it again, but I managed to get the log before. log-1642177394871.txt
  3. Hey, guys! How you doing? I got my R2 around 6 months ago and I've been enjoying it so much. I'm still learning a lot about it, but now I need your help. A few days ago I was playing and started to notice a sudden raise in the response. I usually play FIFA22 with something around 15ms. But, in a space of 10 minutes, simply out of nothing, it started to vary from 25ms, then 50ms, and it got to 600ms sometimes. Afetr that, all the devices couldn't connect anymore to the router and it rebooted by itself. I though it would be a one time thing, so I just continued using it. Then, 2 days ago, it happened again. Lag, connection problems with other devices but this time it never rebooted. But I couldn't log in, so I could not get a report. But, last night, it happend. But it stopped before it got too strong. I wrote down the time and downloaded the log. I'll attach it here. The time was between 22:14 - 22:15. I already did the firmware update and also factory rebooted it after the instalatinon. It did like 2 weeks ago. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance! error_22_14_or_15.txt
  4. Hey, just did the re-sync and it's updated indeed. But I still can't find the server around my area, in Brazil. Actually, I can't find any even in South America. But I know for a fact that we have one in São Pualo e that there's one in Argentina. What can I do to find it? Thanks in advance!
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