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  1. Just feels like what ever I try doesnt work! How do these people who kill instantly every game do it
  2. I added dmz in lan general. I dont know how to find upstream dmz
  3. I tried it with the cables and it didn't pick up the internet. So had to use the modem.
  4. Hi guys, I am really struggling to find settings that work so I don't shoot first and die first. I have tried throttling my speeds all the way down to 2down and 0.5 up. Some things work for a little bit and then it just seems to go back to how it was before hand. Any ideas, its making the game literally unplayable! I'll insert a couple of clips. IMG_4221.MOV IMG_4222.MOV
  5. Thanks, ive found throttling my speeds down to 3down and 0.5up has helped a lot. However I now have a moderate nat even with DMZ.
  6. How do you force higher ping games, and what ping do you recommend?
  7. Perfect, thankyou. I'll try lowering the download a bit then, because the test said 99% for it, but 14% for upload.
  8. Thankyou I will try it. Im going to guess its a problem with the game rather than my internet then. Is it worth changing the dns settings or mtu settings? And also the QoS congestion, is doing the auto test the best or the 70,70? And if so should I test it daily etc? Sorry for all the questions.
  9. In game it usually says around 15-30ms
  10. Thankyou. Ive set all these settings up, but I still get joked a lot. I can send videos to show what I mean if needed, I hit the first shots and still die IMG_4222.MOV IMG_4221.MOV
  11. Just wondering if there’s a video on how to optimally setup the r2 for call of duty on ps4
  12. Will the netduma help my issue? It’s just impossible to play a game when I don’t get the kills I’m supposed to get.
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