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  1. Hello, it has been a week that I sent the mail to [email protected] and I have not received an answer, any news to the problem?
  2. Hello, I just sent you the email, I have put a direct link to the thread Thank you
  3. Try to downgrade with the j version and the router does not download the version, it remains in the firmware version dumaOS 2.39 ... I have seen several posts with the same problem that I have, and I have not seen a solution to the problem. I ask you again the question I asked you above, can I send you the router so you can see the problem?
  4. Yes, please try to find her, I'm desperate ...
  5. Could you pass me a link in which to download my previous firmware 1.03.6g, maybe that's why it doesn't let me downgrade to J, my router had factory g, thanks
  6. I had it configured with the active dHCP, but since this happened to the router, DHCP has been disabled
  7. The router does not let me change any parameter, it keeps thinking and there is the message I waited for, it doesn't let me do anything else And it doesn't let me connect via wifi, I can see the SSID but it doesn't finish connecting me
  8. Hola Gore a mi me ha pasado lo mismo, tengo el mismo problema que tu, mira el post que esta un poco mas abajo que el tuyo y me comentas si es lo mismo, el post es "R1 locked" Un saludo
  9. Hello Alex, I have tried this option multiple times and the result is the same, if I post the posts I have put before, the router when doing the reset stays the same, I can only access via cable, I can see the SSID, but it does not let me connect via wifi . The router does not reset either with the button or from the menu.
  10. I have tried pc with windows 10, browsers; internet explorer, chome and firefox. Mac; Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Same result with both. It seems that the router has been in a loop
  11. I have done what you indicated and I can not download firmware. The router does not change firmware. -When I load the firmware R1-v-1-03-6j.sig I get the following: foto1 -After the update I still get the router has the firmware dumaos- foto2 Is it possible to send the router to you and do you check it yourself?
  12. Hello, have the team been able to look at the problem? I believe that the problem is in the firmware, since the one I had previously worked perfectly, but when putting the DumaOS, many users have had the same fault and I have not been able to observe any solution in the forum. Please ask that you do not close the subject and give me a solution to the problem. Thank you again
  13. I had to disconnect it for a few minutes and when I plugged it into the power, it stayed that way. I have seen that this same problem has happened to more people, I put the following capture in case you ask me This comes to me from chrome
  14. He reseteado el router varias veces, dejo presionado el botón reset hasta que se encienden todas las luces y escucho el beep. Consigo entrar en el menú del netduma, con cable y admin/password, pero el router no me asigna ip automáticamente, tengo que poner la ip de mi pc manualmente, solo consigo conectar por cable, por wifi me dice que no puedo acceder, es como si el DHCP del router este desactivado. The router's menu continues with the little circles, as if I was thinking and that's the way it goes until I get the message that I tried after a minute
  15. Sorry for the delay in answering, I was on vacation, I reset as indicated, I hear the beep, but the router remains the same, the menu circles are spinning and I can not do anything. I have tried with Google Chrome and the window of incognito and the same thing happens to me. Keep on looping all the time
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