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  1. Its open i Was convince that i hai double nat thanks
  2. I did it as you can se i still have double nat
  3. Im connected to the fritzbox 7530 when i put in dmz i still have double nat cause using pingplotter or cmd on pc it shows the first two hops private ips when instead putting in pppoe the second hop doesnt show no io its blank and it shows the log info in the picture. I would like to know if its normal and how to fix it using pppoe or puting in dmz with out having double nat
  4. I have put in pppoe connection on the duma o sto avvide double nat can Someone can tel me il the log is an issue or not?
  5. Will there be anti jitter anti spike feature on the 3.0 update?
  6. Hello people cant flush cloud cause it gives me error that it takes too long for flushing any help?
  7. Another question on my modem router I have upnp disabled put netduma in dmz nothing on portfowarding disabled WiFi do I keep firewall disabled or enabled?
  8. One other thing i use the duma os on Chrome and i use it on the iPad is there a difference of qualità from using it on iPad or pc?
  9. Ok thanks you guys for the help keeep Goin on the good work your all greatall’ great
  10. Ok i already upgraded but i also put fast search also?
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