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  1. Another question on my modem router I have upnp disabled put netduma in dmz nothing on portfowarding disabled WiFi do I keep firewall disabled or enabled?
  2. One other thing i use the duma os on Chrome and i use it on the iPad is there a difference of qualità from using it on iPad or pc?
  3. Ok thanks you guys for the help keeep Goin on the good work your all greatall’ great
  4. Ok i already upgraded but i also put fast search also?
  5. ok i did it seems good or not but if is good what kind of setup should i put into the duma geo filter is around italy
  6. I did it on iPad but its practically the same result on pc
  7. ok i called my isp and they told me that is my configuration because there are ips that make conflicts from esche other
  8. Ok ive done it on wireless and at the end its almost same result 68 Ping is there something i can do about it?
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