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  1. So, yesterday, after posting this, I've turned off the console, and wait a few minutes... then I used again geo filter , etc... with 70% , etc At the beginning the first servers that were appearing were the ones of Ireland and England... but after try¬°ing to "oblige" and stick to my Spanish region, the spanish server appeared. I think, somehow, Ireland and England servers are the common ones the games connects to at the very begenning... but after waiting , it reconnects to a nearer one. Ping was of only 25ms, while the irish and english were of around 40/45 ms. Let's see what happens when I come back home after work. I keep you posted ... and Netduma Team... Keep up the good work... It hasn't been easy but we're all slowing updating ... I like the new interface :-)
  2. Hello guys , So, I leave in Spain and it only shows me the UK and Ireland servers.... why can't I just range to my country? Seems there was a server here and France
  3. Guys ... be patient .. I've signed in the first day and got my upgrade this afternoon thank you Netduma Team!!!
  4. Can't wait to hear from you guys!!! We've been very loyal these past years... I'm sure it hasn't been easy for the team to have all of us happy , but results are nearly here.. YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!
  5. Hello Fraser, I 've tried these settings, but after rebooting mu router and turning on the xbox one it's not connecting. error ABCDEF------XYZ. ab gonna go back to 1111
  6. I can help you testing BO3 for Xbox One from Spain (near Barcelona). It always connects me to an Irish Server and we need to solve this Thank you
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