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  1. So I've just connected 2 of my tvs to the WiFi network and they are both buffering when I'm streaming. I've checked my connection and its 400mbs and upload 40. I also have a mesh system connected to the router but that buffers even more when I connect to that network.
  2. Just to update this I've not managed to sort the static IP yet how ever I've noticed when I connect directly to WiFi on the net duma there is no connection issue its only when its connected to my mesh system
  3. In a game now without VPN following above steps
  4. When was your last game? I might enable the vpn f Which vpn are you using i may give this a try as the geo filter isn't working at the moment just sat searching for a game for ages.
  5. Why are you using vpn? Mine connects to ME without vpn. Saying that not been able to connect to any servers for last 12 hours using the router.
  6. Yeah loads eventually and yesh it loads. Main thing is my sky keep freezing at the moment.
  7. The normal dedicated server i was on was locked to Poland now for some reason its changed to the US. How can I get it back to Poland?
  8. Hi no its a messenger app called telegram. It not says connecting at the top of it instead of just loading instantly.
  9. Not yet. I'm also noticing when I'm using the telegram app it used to update instantly not it says connecting for a second or 2.
  10. The sky is connected via WiFi. Which is connected through my mesh system which is connected via a LAN cable. The sky keeps freezing etc and then needs a restart.we have just got a new box to rule it out but it must be something to do with the router as we have also plugged thr old set up back in and everything is fine.
  11. I will look into it. My sky keeps losing connection. What am I doing once I get into the modem?
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