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  1. i have my home set as africa. its weird how it lets me play a few games before reverting to lower ping when searching.
  2. im located in the uk. even if i have it on us the ping always reverts back to a lower starting ping causing long waits for lobbies if any at all. Like ive just played one game the searching ping started on 120 after 1 game its reverted to 19 the time i search.
  3. it stays the same as when its searching with a higher ping i will get a screenshot
  4. just to update this. after say 3 games my ping changes to <44ms ping this is when it takes ages. i have to flush the cloud a few times and restart game for it to go back to a normal ping and actually find games.
  5. I will grab one when kt does it again
  6. So if I search for Saudi servers. The first ingame ping starts at around 100 ping then goes up to 200. Which takes a few minutes to find a game. However after a few games the ping changes to 20 ping and either doesn't find a game or tries to put me on servers outside my geo filter. I have to remove geo filter device and re add it and reset game to sort it.
  7. I was also thinking but it seemed ok before going to latest update.
  8. On the previous beta update when I searched for Saudi and Africa servers they were constant 0.8 average kd. Now I've updated to he latest firmware they are all 1+ Anyone else noticed this issue?
  9. Disabling it seems to have done the the trick
  10. I have it on never. How do I go about disabling it fully.
  11. Its a deco. Worked OK before factory resetting the duma.
  12. Most of the time when I try connection test it fails as well. I've just tried my sons PC connected to the mesh system and games don't work but work fine on the WiFi.
  13. Yes mesh is showing up and my other devices are connecting to it. The connection is there. On a speed test the ping is 85 and 250mbs but it takes along time to get it actually connected. However it isnt showing on network montior
  14. What a nightmare. I've now connected my mesh system to the router and set it up. Yet nothing works connected to it.
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