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  1. Thanks. Im trying to open it but it says Disc image file is corrupted...
  2. Is there a link to the firmware. Thanks
  3. My R1 says ping is 16ms-22ms but according to the ingame connection meter it says 33ms-54ms: which one is correct?
  4. For now I'm using the Netduma R1 with the DumaOS milestone 1.3 firmware and it's performing wonderfully. But I really want to get back to using the XR500 because it's more powerful
  5. What's about the issue of the device manager not recognizing devices being online? Been using the R1 for a while and it has none of these issues
  6. Been having the same issue for a while too. At first I thought it was the modem but after checking the modem logs it's clear. About every 2 days the Xr500 will randomly disconnect all devices and then reconnect. A reboot is necessary after that happens
  7. When I downgraded the issue disappeared. When I upgraded back to the .40 the issue returned
  8. Disregard my last statement. It worked for a little while then started doing it again
  9. OK in order to fix the issue you have to download the official firmware from Netgear. I was still using the one you guys gave me when it was first introduced
  10. Yeah a reboot of the router brings it back online in the device manager
  11. Been having the same issue with both my PS4 and PC. Performing an internet test does not trigger it online. I also have a static IP for both devices
  12. I fixed the issue. I had to reboot my modem also after the firmware upgrade. I have the Netgear CM1000 modem
  13. After 30 mins of gaming I only have 151 high priority packets sent. usually its in the thousands by now. I've closed and restarted the game several times and nothing still appears on the geofilter. My filter is not working because I tested it: I have it currently on strict mode with the ping assist to 0 and put it in the middle of the ocean with the smallest radius and was still getting into matches without any delay. Usually with that setup I wouldn't find a match at all.
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