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  1. You already answered my question in Netgear community. You recommend it to creating a ticket. It has been 2 days without response from Netgear. I believe that the update link to newest Plex it's broken. And I believe that the telnet it's disable on the xr700 so I cannot manually update the link through command line . Hope you guys going to start invite people for DumaOS 3.0 beta.
  2. I am not able to install Plex server after updating to the latest firmware V1.0.1.34. I did a factory reset after installing the firmware and I try two different USB drives without any success.
  3. Are the invite for the beta 3.0 for XR700 closed?
  4. I ordered my second Netgear xr700 it should arrive very soon. I sold my first router because it was lack of updates but I realized now that I missing the Plex server functionality alote. My question is when the beta 3.0 will came out for xr700, how long is the time span between beta and stable version?
  5. Is there any chance I can be added to the list? I purchased a new xr300. Thanks
  6. I'm interested to be added to the list. I can test it on XR700.
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