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  1. I gave this a shot last night, without any success. Ultimately, i ended up just plugging all three consoles directly to the modem. It was not a perfect fix, although the consoles now show open or moderate on the game. It goes back and forth. Having them wired thru the r1, it was mostly strict, and occasionally moderate. I have read on this site, and others, that this issue seemingly lies mostly with activision, and is not a problem with netduma at all. And i believe that. However, the netduma, at least in my case, seems to complicate matters. Not being able to use congestion control or geo filter is going to suck for sure. But without any way to resolve the issue, i dont have much of a choice. I sincerely appreciate the effort of everyone that has tried to help me the last week. Thank you very much. Perhaps in the future a fix will be found.
  2. I will do this sunday when i return home. Thank you. Ill keep you posted.
  3. There is. I have the wan ip from the r1 in the dmz function. It is clicked to enabled. Upnp on the modem is disabled. Upnp on the r1 is enabled. That worked for a couple of hours last night. Game was on moderate. Flipped to strict at some point, and cant get it back to moderate now.
  4. Goes back and forth from moderate to strict on the game. But the console still shows type 2. I have no idea. Tired of messing with it honestly. When i plug one console directly to the modem, its type 1 open nat on the game. Plug two in directly to the modem, its type 2, moderate on the game. All three, same thing. But when i add the netduma to the equation, everything goes to strict on the game. Geo filter, congestion throttle, and all other options aside, im starting to wonder if i should even use the r1. Ive had it a few years now. Suppose ive gotten my moneys worth out of it.
  5. I tried switching the nighthawk to bride mode, ad it just shut down connection for everything. No internet at all.
  6. Made no difference. Still moderate.
  7. Yes itbis moderate on the game. I will disable the geo filter and try that.
  8. Ive been told that type 2 was an open nat type. However, its shows moderate on the console, and would not allow me to connect with other players that have open nat types. I double checked the geo filter, and am fairly certain they are within range. I disabled the upnp on the nighthawk, and i am back at type 2 now. Which is helpful. So thank you. But if anyone has any ideas on how to get open, that would be great. Had an open nat on all three consoles for the previous title. Not sure what changed.
  9. type 3. i have 3 consoles wired to my netduma. with the cox modem, i was getting type 2, which i know is fine for playing, but wasnt able to host. have to be able to host matches. i get this new modem, and now its type 3.
  10. At the moment, upnp is enabled on both the netduma and the nighthawk. The strict NAT is on the ps4 console. Which is hard wired to the netduma. Ive taken the port forwarding out.
  11. netduma is placed in dmz upnp is enabled on both the netduma and the nighthawk ports are entered on the modem with net duma wan ip what am i missing? cause im still strict
  12. netduma is placed in dmz upnp is enabled on both the netduma and the nighthawk ports are entered on the modem with net duma wan ip what am i missing? cause im still strict
  13. i went and picked up a netgear nighthawk ac1900 c7000 modem at bestbuy. after initial set up and plug in, im now at strict NAT. trying to figure out how to forward ports, and or put the netduma in a dmz...and how to do that. its quite the mess for illiterates such as myself.
  14. i have cox communications for ISP. they use a panoramic modem. i have my netduma wired to the modem, then my ps4 wired to the netduma. cox will not allow me to use the proper ports for call of duty, nor will they allow me to set up a dmz...due to security concerns. my nat type is moderate constantly. any suggestions on how i can attain an open nat?
  15. I ordered my r1 directly from netduma three weeks ago. been using it for two weeks. would I already need to do this update?
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