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  1. I have bitdefender and run the XR500 on Chrome. I was getting the “Uncaught Type Error: c.draggable is not a function” error after clicking anything. I whitelisted the 2 addresses and cleared cache, now I’m getting the “Uncaught areference error topojson is not defined” when I click dashboard or geo filter. I also had to factory reset the router as the geofilter among other functions were not even visible but that’s another separate issue I believe
  2. When I had this issue, it was because of the modem I had. Not saying this will help you, but it helped me. I also had a problem with the geofilter not being consistent on strict mode, again solved by changing modems. Mod box on here has posted plenty about modems so do some digging before pulling the trigger.
  3. same. i just played a match (WW2 on PS4) on a UK server when i am east coast US. ping was at 100+ when normally at 20-25 closed the game app several times and its back to normal.
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    HEXUS.TV CES2018 w/ Luke Barlow

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    Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

    What makes the TC 7610 more favorable over the TC 7620. I currently have the 7610 and it's amazing for gaming, TWC/Spectrum 60 down and 5 up. WOW internet is now in my area and offering speeds up to 1 gig. I'm going with the 500 down and 50 up package but I'm going to need a modem that can handle that speed. I like the 7610 and want to move up to the 7620 but there aren't any high speed modems in the "good" list. Can anyone help out? I'm also from the Midwest United States.
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    Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

    Just bought and activated a TC-7610 ($40 on Amazon) from an SB6183 I've had for a year or so and WOW is there a world of difference. The main thing being the geo filter actually works. Before I would jump straight into CoD matches no problem and it would never properly filter, figured it was just hit and miss. I've owned the Duma since 09/2015 and today is the first time I've filtered hosts properly and actually waited for a good connection. Always had a good kd and have achieved dark matter/black sky the past 2 years. Thanks I Am MoD BoX!