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  1. Openreach have said no issues on the line with their tests so they didn’t bother sending an engineer. BT have now said no faults as well and refuse to rebook. To be fair to them the speeds are always consistent. I’m going to leave ping plotter running on my pc for an hour or two. If it’s stable then I think the issue may be with the XR500. To further this as well, the fact that it’s rock solid when I’m home alone implies that’s there’s not an issue with the line causing packet loss or anything like that.
  2. When I play Fifa 20 from the UK I connect to the Frankfurt server like you, I believe the others are authentication servers. If you go to the bottom of the geo filter where it says auto ping when you play a game of rivals or champs the ping line should be around 20ms if you’re connecting to the European dedicated servers. If it’s not try turning ping assist down to 0 and leaving strict mode on, on the geo filter. Hope this helps!
  3. Quick update, Openreach engineer due tomorrow morning. However I’m not that hopeful as they missed 3 appointments last time so fingers crossed!
  4. Unfortunately he couldn’t ‘see’ a fault as he was only allowed to work inside the house. However the tests ran by BT on the line and his report suggests there must be something wrong. He also said only gamers would notice the ping spikes and packets loss as other applications like streaming and web browsing would be unaffected so while the whole line is likely to be faulty we’re probably the only gamers on the street who bothered to report the issue so far and so I’m not super hopeful of a solution.
  5. Engineer came, everything in the house is fine. He reckons is degradation on the copper line. He’s sent it back to BT who should call in the next couple of hours with a Special Fault Investigator appointment (don’t know if that’s just a technical name for a normal open reach engineer or if that’s a more specialised open reach engineer). He actually asked if I tried any third party routers with QOS where I showed him my massive hidden collection 😁 and said they were struggling due to the line connection.
  6. To be fair to them I left both the home hub and the R1 there and they both took no notice and didn't blame the hardware. For this one though I'll definitely remove everything so that there's no excuses
  7. Called ISP he reckoned the line is all over the place with dropped packets etc. but believes it's a network issue rather than a line issue. Engineer is coming first thing Friday morning (hopefully). Last time a BT engineer came he said it was an openreach problem so I don't have much hope for this one to do anything but book another engineer. I'll let you know.
  8. Share excess is on normally, having it turned off helps, but I still lag a bit. I'll call my ISP now and see what they say.
  9. I just left it for 30-40 mins and gamed for a bit, went and re-checked the errors and they are all the same values still (am im still lagging). I remeber when i got the modem the values were the same and they haven't changed since. Share excess massively reduces lag. But that's not why i bought the router and I can't be on the router 24/7 changing bandwidth values.
  10. The Bt hub is useless, it has no QOS. I have tried the modem as the first device as well as the BT hub. I have then tried them both to the Tp link to XR500 and straight to XR500 with no TP link in the middle. All produced the same results. I might try knocking on my other neighbors door tomorrow and asking if I can test on their line. One thing I noticed when i got the modem was 42million aprox HEC error on the line, they never go up or down, but even with a factory reset they remain. Thought I would just post the stats from the modem here.
  11. I actually had this problem a few weeks ago. They’ve actually just been replaced by the engineer and my speeds retuned to normal and even increased by about 5mbps over what we used to get. We have the 5C master socket from BT now. If you have any more advice Bagsta69 then it would be useful as you had a similar experience. But any input is welcome as usual!
  12. I tried Zennon's suggestion once again and it's a good one, I found that as a solution on a number of other posts, unfortunately not for me. I did a sanity check and just left the XR500 running ping plotter with nothing on the network and it was a constant 8.5ms ping. I then tried my phone in the DMZ with the same results as before, ping spikes up to 80ms with it being the only device on the network. I have the ping plotter saved if you're desperate to see it but it's the same as the others and really clogs up the thread. Any more ideas?
  13. Ok, tried both of Zennon's suggestions but unfortunately no change. I went to my friends house but his parents were working from home and looking at their internet connection/setup it wouldn't be something I'd be confortable messing with. Surely having a faulty R1 and then a faulty XR500 is almost impossible right? I bought it off amazon and also have an Ex7700 which is still in it's box as I thought I may have to return it, I'm easily within the window for returns if anyone has anymore ideas for me to try. Otherwise I'll return it tomorrow unfortunately.
  14. My PC was in the DMZ, my phone was the only device on the network. The first huge spike can be ignored as I had anti-bufferbloat set to high prioroty, it was then changed to always for the rest of the graph (still big spikes).
  15. So just for clarification you want me to put my PC in the XR500 DMZ and re do the ping plotter tests while loading up a YouTube video on my phone? Also yes I left WMW on as that was what the default value was. Or do you want all saturation to come from the PC as well?
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